Why Clean your roof?

Kansas climate isn’t ideal for roofing. So it isn’t unusual to see stains – but it is ugly, and it is dangerous.

Most of the black stains on your roof are the result of Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae-like bacteria that feeds on the asphalt in your shingles. The more they spread, the bigger the stain… And the more damaged your home is.

Dirty Roof

Ugly roof stains on your roof?

Your roof makes up 40% or your house seen from the road. No doubt that they detract from your home’s curb appeal. And depending on what is growing up there, it could very well be harmful to your roof.  Rest easy, as there is a safe, shingle-manufacturer-approvedmethod to rid your roof of those embarrassing stains.  We’re specialized in this unique professional roof cleaning service.

Safe, effective, roof stain removal

Asphalt shingle manufacturers such as GAF, CertainTEED, TAMKO and Owens Corning have mandated a very specific process to remove those unsightly stains with literally no pressure.  Instead, the process relies on chemistry, allowing the roof stains to literally disappear in front of your eyes.  Since no pressure is used there’s no concerns for damage.  Nor are there any shingle warranty concerns. 

Roof moss removal

The same approved process is used for roof moss and lichen as well.  There is however, a transition period with these types of growths.  They’ll need time to decay and safely fall away from the shingles.    Per the manufacturers, physical agitation is never to be used.

Soft Wash House

Your roof is 50% of your visible home.

Take a good look at the picture to the left.  This is a very pretty home in Kansas, yet look at the roof.  Take a good look.

The discoloration of that roof could conjur up concerns about it’s age and condition.     A potential objection.  Not to mention it simply detracts from an otherwise lovely home. 

We offer a whole suite of exterior cleaning services to get your home looking it’s best.